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Soundcard & Sound System


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As most of you have noticed, I'm picking out all the new parts for my computer. I'm at the point of sound. I'm thinking about getting the SoundBlaster Audigy 2. Not sure which version, one of those. I was wondering what sound system from Soundblaster would go great with that soundcard?


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you should get one of the new X-mi(?) cards. or wait till the new cards replace them on a large scale than pick up a audigy card cheap.


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So what If I buy the Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro. Which sound system from them would sound the best with it?
Check the FAQs and web site. Speakers and sound cards are sometimes optimized to sound better when used together. I had a set like that once.


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depends of your speakers? yea thats what I'm asking, which ones. I'll check the FAQs but i never get anything much off there site, thats why I am asking here.
Ouch, I see your point. You'd think creative would recommend matching speakers. Not one reference.

I googled some more and found only one reference to matching with the best speakers and that link was broken.

Good luck, you'll need it.


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Logitech, creatives gigaworks and klipsch speakers are the best route to go.

Their THX rated ones.


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The reason I was asking which Creative soundcard goes best with creative speakers, because i have always had problems with having creative soundcards and differnt company speakers. They just dont work together for me.
You want an X-fi and either logitech or Klipsch THX speakers, although I get the feeling that the x-fi would be awesome with some nice hifi speakers and a decent stereo amp.


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i have been looking at speakers recently and i think i have found you would be best off getting the creative gigaworks 7.1. htey are suppsed to sound the best and i think they will work well with an x-fi card.
After going through Creative's entire line (up to Audigy 2), I really have found sound cards based on VIA's Envy24-HT chipset to be superior in quality and lack of popping/crackling problems that plague the Creative stuff. Since I haven't used anything newer than my Audigy 2 Platinum, I can't comment on the latest ones. But definitely take an Envy24-HT over an Audigy 2 for sound quality.
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Sound seems so much harder to choose over, and to comment about. I'm just going to have to get what I stated earlier and write a review myself. I cant see me having too much problems.
By the way, I forgot to mention speaker system...

I have a Klipsch system, and love it, but I've been salivating over this beautiful Yamaha 6.1 System. Every time I hear it at Best Buy, I begin to weep. Well, not really, but it sounds amazing.

It's got an onboard DTS decoder, which is really sweet too. I don't know if the X-Fi does already, but I'm not a big fan of Creative's decoders and codecs anyway (since they are the source of a lot of the popping). If I had an X-Fi and these speakers, I'd just set DTS to pass through the optical and let the receiver handle it.
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