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soundblaster player 5.1 mic problems



Pls can anyone help, I have a soundblaster player 5.1 and up till now ive been able to use microphone when playing counterstrike, but for some reason when i restarted my machine the other day, windows failed to recognize the microphone. I have checked in the sound settings that the mic level wasnt muted and at the highest volume. When i try to use sound recorder it doesnt pick up any input from mic either. Its been working fine for about 6months so I don't understand why anything has changed now. I havent installed any new software/hardware recently either. I am running windows xp pro and have installed all the updates. Does anyone have any clues as where to start?

Also in xp pro can i remove my soundcard from device manager like in win98se so hopefully when i restart windows i can reinstall soundblaster drivers?

Any input appreciated :)


i have checked the mic jack which is connected properly, and reinstalled drivers. Mic still doesn't work :(


I had the same problem. Try the following things:
1. Go to the creative menu in the start menu, and select surround mixer. Go over to the record device and make sure that either your mic input is selected, or that "what you hear" is selected.
2. Go to your sound recorder, hit the monitor button, and fiddle with your mic to see if it works.
3. On your live drive there is a setting to either allow a collector or standard mic to work with the 1/4" input. If the standard is selected, collector mics (computer el cheapo) might not work, or vice versa. make sure the jumper is not jumped.
4. Try the mic to make sure it's not frayed inside or any of that jazz. Get your trusty VOM out and switch it to the continuity setting and see if you're getting a short. With these cheapo mini-jack mics, the cables are really fragile.
5. The live 5.1 card has some sort of power problem where it is super sensitive to changes in voltage. Mine freezes if you so much as touch the backplane, much less plug anything in. Make sure that thing is seated really securely and that you plugged in your mic while the computer was off, and did not jiggle the thing at all.
6. Get the live!ware 3 stuff!!! and make sure that the settings in the creative audioHQ are all set so that the digital output only thing is off, the turn output off while headphones are plugged in is off etc.

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