Soundblaster Live problem!!



Since my Xp installation I have been having a problem with my soundblaster live. Here goes.. I have a 4 speaker setup every time I start my computer only the front 2 speakers work.. I have to go into the sounblaster program AudioHQ and click on speaker setup then "test" then all the speakers work.. The setup is correct for 4 speaker setup but untill I test the speakers only the front 2 work. I have updated all the software and drivers but that didnt seem to help.. At least they work but its just a major Pain to do this evey time I start the computer. Any Help would be appreciated.
I had that problem. Do you have the latest drivers? Is it set on quadraphonic setup in xp?
I do have the latest drivers how do I check the quadrophinic settings?
Found it Yes i do have the quadrophinic setting..Now what?
Which latest drivers do you have, Creative or Microsoft?
Pretty sure I downloaded them from Creative as soon as they came out.. But I cant quite remember. should I download them again?
You could check for an update, I'm not sure when you checked last.

I couldnt use the Creative ones when I had my Live, but the MS ones worked fine for me. I just had to enable quadraphonic speakers, and I was set.
This is what I have installed, can you please check the pic attachment and see if its the setup you have.
So you have audioHQ set for 4 speaker, Windows Sound properties set for quadraphonic speakers, and your *positive* that your speakers are connected properly?

Have you tried switching around your connections?
You got it speed....Everything is set the way you said. And my speakers are set up correctly.
Guess what! I just checked my speakers through AudioHQ all four channels work front left, front right, rear left and rear right. I went to listen to some music and only the front speakers are working. Used winamp and musicmatch and both are only using the front speakers.. This is really starting to upset me.
Just checked WMP8 works with all the speakers... Dont tell me I cant use my favorite program Winamp!!!
Check and see if there a setting for it in the options somewhere. Its been awhile since I ran Winamo, so I cant help you there. Ditto for Musicmatch.
No nothing like that in Winamp or musicmatch..
Still have to do the check in AudioHQ to get all the speakers to work in windows media player also..
I had the same problem until I downloaded and installed SBliveXPDrvUpdate.exe from
Hope it helps.

Thanks I Just got the new drivers. Didn't know they had a update.
I thought i had the newest drivers from microsoft. Seems to be workng Now..Thanks to everyone for the help.
In winamp go options -> preferences -> output, and select the Nullsoft DirectSound pulg_in, that worked with me...


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