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sound stops playing




I just built a new system, with a Sound Blaster Audigy x-gamer sound card. everyone once in a while the sound will just stop playing. I am using the latest sound blaster drivers ( and have disabled my mother boards built in sound in the bios.

i can fix it by resetting my comp but that is highly annoying. any system specs are in my signature

thanks in advance
This is my first recomendation to anyone using Creative Drivers... Don't! Creative has an uncanny ability of not knowing how their own products work. They have always relied on a third party to use their magnificent hardware corectly. I'm willing to bet that MS (yes, i know the odds of them doing something corectly, but hey... look at their mice) has a better driver availible for you on windows update.

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dude i have the same prob here with my audigy 2 there is just no damn sound i have to open up the creative eaz consol or volume control. then change setting then it works
and also have a crackling and thumping sound coming from speakers

i didnt know that creative were so **** at producing drivers

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just looked on win update unfortanutely no drivers, which means none for you. i heard that there was third party unofficial drivers on news page a while back. and that they open up added functionaltity anyone got the link ???


yes, last time i'm using creative live 5.1 de, and it's terrible! it's driver also ............ so i decided to change to santa cruz
looks cool!

even my frens audigy also got prob......


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My SB Live! 5.1 has worked flawlessly since day damn one, Creative drivers work fine and I seriously doubt that MS knows there hardware better then them. how do you know that your sound card isn't sharing an IRQ with something and conflicting? my brothers audigy is a dodge pos..... thats why I bought a live instead. he will blame it on aim or nero but ohh no its never the card. I feel sorry for the ppl they suckered into buying the audigy (I or II) there was a new driver relesed today at anyrate go try those ones.


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hmm... all i can say is.... glad i didn't buy a new sound card for my PC. was actually lookin at sound blaster at first. But, ya well.

My On-board sound will do for now anyway. may not be THAT great, but pretty good with the sub that i have. Wanna see it?
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