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Brian = D
Nov 18, 2004
Is there a way to heighten the treble on my Logitec 5.1 surround sound computer speakers?


OSNN Veteran Addict
Jan 25, 2003
SHould be depending on your audio card and if all the drivers are installed.

Go to control panel, sound and audio drivers, sound and audio device properties - press Advanced button, master volume screen - advanced button.

Whew, now you should have a advanced master volume screen with bass and treble sliders to play with.

Or if you have the speaker icon on your toolbar double click that and the msater volume panel should come up. Hit the advanced button.

If that does not work many of the audio music players have built in or add on graphic equalizers where you can boost any part of the audio band you want. I use a DFX add on.

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