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sound question

Is there a way to stop the microphone level from adjusting on it's own in xp?
I read somewhere awhile back you could change something in some file entry to stop it, but I can't remember where I saw it now. I can use line in on the sound card instead of mike input and do it that way, but I need the mike input for the setup of my equipment as it is now. I would think this could be done. I just need to locate the file to change some entries concerning the way it works.
Man I've googled the *&%$ out of it.

I didn't know Windows XP had an auto-adjustment feature like this. Could it be a third party software that is doing it?


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I found that certian media player will auto adjust the volume when you start them up. Real player used to do this. I would check and see if that is what your problme is. IT has to be something thrid party causing it ...

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