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Sound Problems

I have an Expox 8rda+ nFORCE 2 motherboard, and i use the onboard sound for my soundcard, well when I play games for a long period of time, the sound becomes destorted, and repeats the last sound it played over and over, or just goes silent, I have tried all the 3rd party drivers i could find, and i reinstall windows,

i bought a new soundcard, but when i installed it, and restarted my computer, the windows log on screen didn't show up, just a black screen, i could boot into safe mode, but not regular windows, so i took out the soundcard, and had to reinstall windows... so if I do have to have a new soundcard, is there a certain way I have to install it if I have an nforce 2 board?


did you disable the onboard sound in the bios before installing the card?

I prefer to keep my onboard sound personally and not use a sound card I had from other PC. I noticed when i disabelled the sound to use a so-called- better card the sound would disapear after and hour or so.

I would say, remove all drivers to onboard sound look for latest updated sound drivers reinstall em reboot and start from there. If no sound check for corrupted drivers for sound. if this still goes on disabel sound in bios turn off PC install new card reboot insert drivers disk and start again.
Go to the "advanced" menu in bios. Then keep arrowing down the menu. The good stuff, sound, lan etc is below the bottom of the screen and doesn't show up until you scroll down there on my bios.

Also make sure you delete the MB sound drievrs before trying the new card install.

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