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Hey all....this is my problem, sound works great while playing games and listening to music, but whenever i try to play a DVD or movie file, it sounds really distorted...I have a Creative PCI 512 sound card and a Geforce2 MX 200 video card....playing off the FPS1800 sound system...i really would like to get this fixed so i can watch my dvds and movies on my computer...thanks a lot...
it doesn't matter what player ive used. WinDVD, PowerDVD, and WMP all don't work. Neither do the little players that come with the DVDs...
k, next barrage of questions :p

Do you have the latest drivers for your board...

And how do you have your dvd connected to your you have the audio out of your cd drive plugged into the In on your soundcard
yes, i have the latest drivers, and all cords plugged in. i only use my dvd for entertainment (the other drive is for burning). My card only came with one cord and like i said, all other sounds besides movies work perfectly fine...this is really starting to piss me off...i have no idea whats wrong...
just putting this at the top of the board....i emailed Creative about my problem, so hopefully they'll be able to help me...i think i may have a bad card all together... too bad i don't have that damn receipt anymore though...
This problem is caused by ACPI. You'll probably have to reinstall Xp to disable it. To check if it is ACPI see if ACPI is on the same IRQ as all your GeForce2 and PCI cards.

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