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23 Jun 2002
Hey guys I was having problems up until a few days ago starting Call of Duty where it was kicking back to the desktop and with FS9 where I couldn't get any air traffic controller voices. The problem with Call of Duty was the 53.03 drivers. So I updated to the 53.04 and got Call of Duty going. If any of you install/delete audio codecs while encoding AVI files, etc you might have deleted an important codec :confused: Yes, this is what I did. Answer: I installed ACE Mega CoDecS Pack 5.95 - Pro Edition beta 2 and it solved my ATC problem. So if any of you have got your video card drivers and audio card drivers all up to date and your still having sound problems or what might appear to be DirectX issues with your games, keep these little tid bits in mind.

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
Any of the SP crew still out there?
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Impressed you have kept this alive this long EP! So many sites have come and gone. :(

Just did some crude math and I apparently joined almost 18yrs ago, how is that possible???
hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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