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Sound problem with acer aspire 1640.


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Hello guys,

My girldfriend has a laptop problem. When she is playing music from any source, the sound is all jerky. Even when windows starts, it's all buggy & jerky. Altough I formated & reinstalled XP with all the drivers given by Acer, the problem is still there... My first thought was the 512 mbs of memery wasn't sufficent... but I don't know. Any help there ?

Thanks alot,


most probably too much cpu activity on startup
what applications start up with your pc? antivirus/firewall etc?


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Nothing more than the usual ... only AVG and maybe Messenger. Beside that, it's not only happening when the computer boots up... but all the time.

Laptop HD's and CD's power down to save battery life. It takes time to spin up and that is most likely what is chopping up the music.

Change the settings to disable power conservation and see if the problem clears up. If it does that's a start. Does the problme occur when the laptop is plugged into the wall?

Just 512 MB could be aggravating the problem. A cd has 700 mb of info on it so it won't be cached to memory. This is less of a problem if the songs are stored on disk as MP3 which are much smaller.

Try putting the songs on a thumb drive and see if they play ok from there. If they do it's a problem with the HD/CDs spinning down.

Also make sure you don't have any stupid defrag, antivirus, etc running in the background when the system is idle. They will delay getting the next section of atrack from the HD.


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I have also seen this problem resolved by audio drivers - be sure you are up to date with them through the vendor's website.

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