sound loss and mouse goes weird!


da rock

don,t really know if this is a hardware or software issue or maybe
both,but something is one card shy of a full deck!
i lose all sound and mouse movement gets erratic after the comp.
has idled for awhile,just goes south! so far i can reboot and viola!
good sound and the mouse behaves! but something is wrong and
i need help figuring out what it is! my system specs follow:
amd 950 t-bird not o/c
ecs k7s5a mobo w/ orig bios
inno geforce 2 ti w/ 23.11 drvs 255/406
maxtor 30gig @ 7200 rpm
phillips accoustic edge sound card w/ xp drvs
logitec 2x optical mouse
winxp home ed
norton internet sec &antivirus 2002
this problem didn't appear until after i installed norton and the accoustic edge sound card. device manger says everything is working ok
my temps are 13c/33c/43c according to mbm5 and sisoft sandra
can any one advise please! thanks da rock:confused:


I don't know what is wrong with these ecs motherboards ... do you happen to have also the integrated soundcard?
I also have problems with sound (it doesn't stop but it chrisps) and mouse (the scrolling wheel stops responding)

amd 900 tb
ecs k7s5a w/o LAN w/ SB
Ati rage pro II+ /4mb :(
fujitsu 15gb /5400rpm
genius netscroll+

da rock

there have been alot of issues w/this board and amd 1.0-1.4
gig cpus, most common are the cold boot and fsb issues, i haven't
seen to many that involve pci sound , i have onboard sound dis-
abled and use the onboard lan which works great.
i think i remember seeing a post in this forum regarding sb live,
if i understand your specs and you're using sb then you might want to look here for answers to your noise prob.
thanks for your reply!


Big Air
25 Dec 2001
First thing to try is : Un-install Nortons then see if you still have the problem.

If you do then remove the sound card and then see if you still have the problem.

If you still have the problem I would upgrade the BIOS on your motherboard !




On the you have the latest bios updates ... there are some fixes regarding cpu, floppy, ram and so ...

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