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sound in IE window


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i don't know if someone's already asked this, but i searched the forums and couldn't find anything on it.

is there a way you can turn off the sound in one IE window only?

Howling Wolf

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Maybe it's about default sounds in IE, like "Start Navigation" and "Complete Navigation"...
I always disable them when I re-install my system.
Just in case apgill doesn't know how to do this:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Sounds --> Windows Explorer
> select "Complete Navigation" and assign below: (None)
> select "Start Navigation" and assign below: (None)
> Apply then Ok

I hope this helps...

Evil Marge

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I can't find any info in turning off sound in only one IE window so I don't think it can be done apart from turning off the whole sound for IE as posted above :)


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I'm not in Windows now, but you can disable sounds in the Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia, the options there somewhere I believe. But this can't be done per window, its an all or nothing thing.


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opp opps reread that and i got it, umm if its a flash or somthing there should be a volume thing probably, but i dont get why u would have two windows or more with more than one having sound at the same time

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
well... seems like the original thread starter is not interested anymore... or maybe he's just far away from home, in some kind of a nomansland... ;)

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