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Sound has gone quiet!


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I received the Philips PSC724 sound card for Christmas and since I installed it, I have been getting strange sound every time the computer does something graphically intensive (like play a game or movie).

I soon realised that this problem was caused by my graphics card sitting too close to my sound card, so yesterday I removed the graphics card and everything was fine - for about an hour! At that point, my computer started playing all sounds really quietly! I can only just about here music/movies (or any sound) when I turn all the volumes up to the max.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this – have I broken my sound card?

I have tried reinstalling the drivers and I tried removing the card to switch back to inbuilt sound, which was working fine.

Thanks in advance.


Blame me for the RAZR's
does it still work fine for the onboard sound? If so could be that your cards is going bad.

But try removing the drivers then take out the card physically power up then Reboot then reinstall the latest driver.


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onboard sound works fine - have already done those things and nothing helps. Must be my card - i will have to try and return/swap it.


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just to let you know i have sorted this issue but have got another problem now but i am going to post a new topic for that. thanks

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