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Sound from Modem PLUS Spkr!



Make me nuts.....

The good news is that the modem works fine.

BUT - when the modem dials, I hear it from it's own tiny speaker, AND from the system speaker!

That alone is not so bad, but--- The problem is that they are out of sync, i.e., one starts a half second ahead of the other.

When the other end connects, they "both" go silent. But the log on period is noisy and truly weird.

Best result would be one OR the other speaker works during log on.

Any ideas?

Asus P3B-F (BX440) mobo, latest BIOS,
Cheap PCTel Mach 2 Winmodem. (I know, I know...)
WinXP Pro

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Ex Police Chief
If you have a modem control panel thingymebob then you can often choose to turn off directX sound, which is what you have coming through your speakers.


Not me...

I have a modem speaker volume slider, but it seems to have no effect, i.e., I still get the modem itself and the sound card making noise, out of sync.

Looking for a way to handle DirectX. No sound card SW installed; just the driver that came with XP, and now an updated one, direct from M$ Updates.

BTW, Chief, my wife was a prosecutor for many years, in Oakland, California. Her father is a criminal courts judge in San Jose for even more years. (He's 86 and still handling capital cases.) Between them they each have the record for their county for the longest sentences ever imposed. (Now she's a nurse and his reputation is that he's too soft on criminals!)


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Ex Police Chief
The modem control panel thingymebob I'm on about is installed by the modem software, not xp.

You can normally do thing like change com ports, country and sound.

i must get to know these people, they could be useful around xp-erienceville :D


Simple, heres a universal modem command so give it a try.

Go to your modem properties and go to the advance tab and in the "extra initionlization commnds" area put in m0 thats a zero not an o.



The m0 command DID work to shut off ALL modem sound. But I wanted to hear the modem from one source or the other, just not both, unsynchronized.

There is no SW installed just fro the sound card.

I went to the Advanced Volume Controls in XP. I made sure the Phone Line was includeddd. I then cheked the MUTE box.


Thanks, folks!


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