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Sound cards?



hey gang.. I'm looking to replace my SB Live! 5.1.. any recommendations other than Creative for sound cards?

I've heard about the Hercules Fortissimo and Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.. any others?

with your recommendations how are they for h/w quality and driver support?

btw, I am using the Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 series..

thanks all


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Yea , I also recommend Audigy cards , especially :
- Audigy2 eX
- Audigy2 Platinum
- Audigy Player which I have (img. below )



The Analog Kid
Stay away from any Creative cards if you care about sound quality.

1) They resample all audio to 48khz and do a poor job of it (quantization noise)
2) Drivers suck
3) Extrememly overpriced compared to cards that sound better and work better.
what card do you recomend then??? what what does the sample rate do for quality, and is it the higher the better or lower better?? nad right now i am at 96KHz sample rate with my audigy card
Higher is better.

I've had no problems with my Audigy 2, sound quality is great!

Oh and you don't get a THX certification is the sound quality is bad. Simple as that.
Higher is not necessarily better when it comes to sample rate. Things should be played back using their native sample rates (mp3, cd's = 44.1khz dvd=48khz)

Playing back at a higher sample rate only gives you more chances for noise to enter. It CANNOT add sound quality.

I recommend the Terratec DMX 6 Fire, shown above, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Herucles Fortissmo III, Any cards from Delta or M Audio.


budget, high dollar, inbetween

I use Turtle Beach SC and CL Audigy 1, hell even some of the onboard sound, esp. the NFORCE2 boards, sound great. For price though, get the new Fortissimo. Great for games and DVD's and pretty good for audio.



I'm just curious to know how someone can make an opinion about the different sound cards, when they are using a SB PCI16. I mean, have you installed each one and tested them for yourself?


hardware monkey
well, dreamliner is right about the whole sample rate thing...

and i do know the DMX 6Fire beat out the Audigy in a review i read... especially when it came to sound accuracy and recording quality.
Just to reply, I don't use the PCI 16 in my main machine anymore, I use a Delta 10x10 recording card. But the I'll put the PCI 16 up against any of the Audigys anyday. The PCI 16 does not resample, I believe the last CL card not to resample was the 512. Regardless, sometimes the simplest cards are the best.

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