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Sound Cards - Silence is NOT Golden!



THE SOUND STILL ISN'T WORKING! I bought a Phillips sound card (I know, a cheapo) but, after I installed it, I was expecting to have my ears filled with the sweet sound of SUCCESS (being able to hear anything.) BUT NOTHING! \ To recap, I bought a system that has AC97 sound onboard, it wasn't working, even after MANY attemps to configure it - altering the BIOS - using different speakers etc. Even though in the "System Manager" it appears and it looks like it's playing ("Sound Recorder" shows that a sound is being played) You hear zilch. I'm pretty frustrated because I had waited so long for the system initially (over two months, there were different complications) and it took awhile to get different programs/hardware/a dual boot/ etc. figured out and I didn't have a whole lot of ambition left. So, I just thought I'd install a sound card and be done with it. Well, the sound card "appears" and it looks like it's playing just like AC97 did but, again nothing. I've tried disabling "onboard sound" - "onboard modem" - "onboard LAN" but it doesn't seem to matter. I hope to figure out a solution because I REALLY don't want to send it off. After all the configuring/systems/programs/hardware and being around Cmas I probably wouldn't see it again before the new year. And then I'd have to start from scratch?! O.K., I could probably save alot but I'd still have to to back to using the phone for awhile and also, brave the hoards at the mall. It would't be pretty. So, PLEEAASSE, put your mind's to work and give me an early present. I'd love it and after all it is the season and it'll warm your heart and because "you better watch out" cause you never know who's "watching!" THANKS!

Athlon XP1600+
40 & 15 G HD's
64MB SIS Video Card
Phillips Rythymic Edge SC
XP & W98 Dual Boot
Plextor CD Writer 40-12-40
56x CD Rom


Boogie Nights...!
just a few suggestions:

::I know it seems a stupid thing to suggest but...is all the relevant volume sliders all the way up?

::Has the soundcard got its own IRQ? Sometimes when they are shared it can cause problems.

Have you got the latest drivers, you can find them here http://www.pcsound.philips.com/english.html

All i can think of at the mo.

Good luck


thanks for the reply (nice pic)

yes, all the sliders are up

got the latest drivers

I'll check IQ, but I think so

(wouldn't disabling the oboard LAN at the BIOS take away this chance?)



Boogie Nights...!
Hmmm...you havent got your speakers plugged in to the wrong socket at the back have you? I've done this b4, seems silly but it happens.

What kinda speaker setup do you have? stereo? 5.1? Brand?

Gus K

NTFS abuser
A tough one. I'm not familiar with dual-boot and how you would configure sound for them. Could the problem lie there? Maybe a search at MS's site for multi-boot sound card problems?

Since neither works, I would pull the Phillips and concentrate on getting the on-board working first, as there should be no inherent problems/conflicts, and if there is some general problem your mobo maker may have some fix/update, or be willing to help you sort things out (unless you have an ECS product). With the Phillips they would probably just pass the buck. Get all your BIOS settings back to default. It's almost as if some small detail has been missed.

Who is the mobo maker? Have you installed the drivers that came with the mobo in the right order (usually the sound driver goes last)? Have you tried Windows Update? Many times they have updated onboard sound drivers.

I would spend some time at your mobo's site, check for any updates, BIOS, drivers, etc. Read any FAQ's. Email or call for help. Checking there may hopefully turn up a simple solution.


Okay here's another stupid question.
are you sure your speakers are plugged into the power/turned on?
have you tried a second set of speakers with the new card?


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tried the card in anouther comp? tried the speakers in anouther comp? thried them both @ same time in anouther comp?

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