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sound card woes


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ok heres the thing,about a month ago my sound card decided to not play sounds anymore,i can play audio cds but not games or other formats,i cant play music files from my hard drive,winamp and media player both say i have no sound card installed, device manager says i have all the correct drivers and i have audio devices and no conficts but the multimedia in control panel is empty with no devices,ive tryed uninstalling my soundcard,reinstalled ok,uninstalled drivers,downloaded new ones,installed ok,uninstalled multimedia reinstalled ok,i even have a spare new soundcard,i put this in a different slot in the computer downloaded drivers and installed ok,same problem my volume is not muted,im out of ideas,i have everest hardware detection so i have the correct device names and as i say audio cds play great but nothing else. i am running win98se 450mhz and my soundcard is creative ct4810
I assume everest is another one of those brain dead driver download tools that work right about half the time? If yes, do the following in the order shown:

1) Get rid of everest.
2) Remove the sound card
3) Delete the sound card folder in windows
4) Remove the sound card entries in the windows configuration file (I think that's what it's called. It's been 3 years since I wasted my time using 98).
5) Find the install CD that came with the card and install thewindows 98 drivers for it and reboot.
6) If the sound works now leave it alone.

If the sound does not work yet:
7) Go to the manufacturers web site and find the latest win98 drivers download.
8) Install the drivers you downloaded and reboot (twice! don't ask why it's a 98 thing)

If the sound still does not work:
9) Remove card and reboot
10) Power down re-install card and reboot (twice)

If at this point the card does not work:
11) return the new card you bought and use the money to buy Win XP. Your computer will run 30% faster and the hardware installs will be pretty much automatic.

Some people will call me stupid and suggest you skip the first 10 steps and just do step 11). I will take no offense because they are right. I just wanted you to suffer enough first to make the expense of XP feel worth it.

PS Everest probably told you to put in a new driver that is not 98SE compliant. This happens, unfortunately you can't get back to your stable baseline now. If the system works never upgrade hardware drivers, bios etc. The upgrades are to fix known problems and can introduce problems to otherwise stable systems.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it."


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Alright just checking so he dont go and buy xp for no reason. I would really spend the money on upgrading the computer but if he/she is on a tight budget than going xp would be a good idea like Leejend said.

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