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Sound card to Stereo Receiver question


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I was going to try and connect my audio card (Chaintech AV710) to my old stereo instead of buying new speakers, since I have two pairs of stereo speakers. Unfortunately, the left speaker outputs (both main and remote) are dead. I've decided to buy a new receiver and would like to hook up the S/PDIF output from my AV710 to the receiver. The Yamaha receiver I was looking at has a digital input that looks a lot like the S/PDIF output, but does not use the S/PDIF term. Instead it says:

"DIGITAL AUDIO OPTICAL jacks: For digital audio signals transmitted via optical digital audio cable. You can use the digital jacks to input PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS bitstreams....All digital inputs jacks are compatible with 96-kHz sampling digital signals."

Will this work or will I have to use separate outputs from AV710 to the main and surround inputs on the receiver now (and subwoofer in the future)?

Thanks for any and all comments.


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Keep in mind if you use this solution that you will only have stereo in normal use and games, so games will not use this solution to its fullest capabilities, Games will not playback in surround sound how they normally would with 3 plug analog PC speakers. The only thing that will use this potential setup correctly are DVD's and other sources that use discreet digital audio.

Unless of course the card you mentioned supports converting analog signals to a digital PCM signal similar to the HDA cards. Then of course this would work fine.


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Thanks for the responses. I'll give it a try. My fallback position will still give me 5.1 sound.

Reps to both of you.

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