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I've been slowly copying old cassette tapes onto my computer, saving first as a wave file, then editing into tracks (music) or chapters (books), and converting to .mp3 files. I've been using Nero Wave Editor for the recording and editing, and RazorLame for mp3 encoding. I've noticed on multiple files that although the tape plays in well, the wave file has stuttering and glitches (sounds like Max Headroom).

Now my questions:

I'm using the onboard sound with my motherboard. Its a SB128 chip, with the latest drivers. Would I be better off, for this purpose with a separate sound card? If so, what card would y'all recommend?

Could any other hardware in my system be contributing?

Would other (reasonably priced) software be better for what I'm doing?


P4 2.26/533
Gigabyte GA-8IEXP
512 MB PC 2700 DDR (1 stick)
WD 80GB 7200 SE HD (8MB buffer)
TDK 48X CD burner
Pioneer 16X DVD rom
Chaintech GF4 4200 128MB
onboard sound and LAN
WinXP home


I may actually be insane.
You will probably be better off with a seperate sound card.
I used to use my on-board one and couldn't get a single decent recording out of it. I simply got a Sound Blaster PCI128 (very cheap card) and have been recording fine ever since.


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yeah, a sound card would be better for this.

Also there is some software you can use to remove the Hiss and Crackles from tracks that you record, I think Nero Wave Editor can do this, if not Creative WaveStudio can and I think that comes with most Creative sound cards.


I may actually be insane.
For software i use CoolEdit Pro v2 and Steinberg WaveLab
They're not free, and have more than you need for just recording, but they will always get the job done


OK, now I've tried an add in sound card. Actually I've tried 3 different ones, a Phillips Seismic Edge, Diamond Monster sound MX300, and a SB 128 PCI. I've gotten all the latest drivers for the cards and for my motherboard/chipset. I've tried changing PCI slots. I've gotten the WinXP updates. Now the problem is that I can record OK if I don't do anything else. But if I try and play games or use the internet while I'm recording, then I still get lots of static, stuttering, unusable files.

Any other ideas?


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From what I know, encoding a file to MP3, the CPU is used to the max for the fastest conversion rate. So it will want the cpus undivided attention.

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