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I need a good sound card for less then $50. I need to upgrade from my stock onbaord sound that came with my computer. Mainly because when i play battlefield 2 I get crackling sounds in most loud situations. No need for anything fancy I just need something that can handle a small 2.1 setup without any crackling during gaming. THANKS!


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Check the price on the turtle beach santa cruz. I think it was around $40 and a buddy likes his.

Next down would be a sound blaster live OEM. I've seen those for around $25.


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Creative is an ok brand. Some friends have had problems setting up the Audigy cards. I think it was just because they had too many options.


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EAX stands for "Environmental Audio Effects" or similar wording, basically as the name implies its a group of audio presets that games use to recreate certain audio environments.
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Chaintech AV-710. Great card for 2 Channel or Digital operation. If using 2 channel analog, use outputs 7 & 8. $25.

I recently dumped Creative because after five years of faithfully buying their products, they still haven't been able to produce anything for me that doesn't snap-crackle-pop. My Creative cards have only crackled from time to time, but even time to time is unacceptable to me when there are cards that rarely if ever do. What's worse, if you lose your Creative driver CD, you have to do some googling and driver-rigging wizardry to get your card up and running again (or just download the KX Driver). Good luck getting a link from a Creative site to download your precious CD, without which you can never install software packages again.

The Chaintech AV-710 is an excellent sound choice, based on VIA's superb Envy 24 PT audio controller. 7.1 surround sound, digital output, and very good inputs (including a hardware-amplified mic port). EAX is overrated, too. It's not much, if at all, better than DirectSound and you have to deal with Creative's awful driver support along with the Creative's support forums. Nightmare!
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Hmm a bit too late.. I upped my budget and bought this, it's already in the mail :suprised: well I'm just hoping its ok. The EAX was what i really wanted because I wanted to see what it does in BF2 since it has the option to turn it on. Thanks for you suggesstion anyhow :squareeye

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