Sound Blaster :(

Okay- I have experienced alot of lockups and most of the time you never know what the problem is. I may even be blamming this on the wrong piece of hardware, but I have heard that Sound Blaster makes damn good hardware but have very hard time writing good drivers for there own hardware; how sad!

I think it's true; I'm thinking of replacing my sound card; any suggestions?

Reasons: I play Nascar and it uses Direct Sound; I tried turning off Direct Sound in DxDiag and didn't get any sound at all. Also if I turn the channels above 8 I see major difference in FPS; why?

Does anyone else out there have any problems that may relate to mine?


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cause the more channels the more your CPU has to help out with the sound duties

I'd personally recommend just getting an audigy if you have the cash, great card..comes with a firewire port incase ya ever need it and it uses very little cpu and so far works 100% fine for ME (notice me as in I don't know about others) in XP :)
Okay Qumahlin: If I'm going to drop $200 your going to have to back up your opinion; I'm very gullible and love getting new things; but still thats alot of ca$h :D

And you say uses little CPU; can you give proof?


Sound Blaster

I have a sound Blaster live.. I had problems with the updated drivers from creative, but they released a second batch that worked realy well except for games like Rogue spear adn rainbow six.

If you use creatives drivers the auto insert part of the driver conflicts with the auto detection for the cd that is built into Windows xp.

Hope this helps

I have a Pentium III 733 and really would like a 1ghz if it would make a difference and if so how much could I get one for?


I have sb live player 1024.. doesn't work =) I have to manualy enable rear speakers from the contropanel. And it's kind of shitty thing. And in games, rear speakers doesn't work -> after playing I have to enablem them again.

Okay if anyone out there has a Sound Blaster Audigy no matter what version tell me how it stacks up to the Sound Blaster (Live 5.1!, Value)- I need a better sound card and not sure if staying with Sound Blaster is the best choice now. Since I'm having so much trouble with this one.


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200 Bucks?!?!!? where are you buying your cards?!!!

I bought a brand new Audigy Gamer from Electronics Boutique for 99 can get them from pricewatch for 79-89....only audigy that is 200 is the platinum with the external panel which most people don't need


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Sick of creative?? Look here:
Individual Chris Burke has put a better support petition online, telling us the following:

"After being banned from the creative newgroup for posting this on their server, i thought i go and ask a few websites to help me out. Ive created a petition against Creative Labs and their lack of support of any kind! After spending a week in the creative labs news group, i noticed alot more of topics like "these drivers suck" and "creative wont help me." none of my own problems have gotten answered either. first, a serial number for a recycle program that came with the soundblaster audigy.. didnt come with the package, and creative refused to respond. when i asked someone that worked with creative on the newsgroup, he just said "sorry." so yeah, i got pretty upset and tried out the petition thing, i wanted to see how many people were also in disgust with creative."

Sign the petition here:
Okay well since everyone seems to be complaining about Creative Labs and their lack of support for their hardware; I'm just not sure if buying another Creative Labs product is the best option for me.


Microsoft Windows XP Professional
PIII 733 MHz
384MB Ram
GeForce 2 MX/400 64MB Ram
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1

I can't pinpoint my problems to an exact piece of hardware but I'm just looking to improve the performance all round for gaming and everyday use.

Qumahlin: Yes- I was looking at the Platinum version; if your system specs are somewhat like mine and you have no problems I might consider getting one- but if there is no difference I've just waisted $100. So is there any way for you to post some "+" or "-" on comparing the Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1 and the Sound Blaster Audigy XGamer.

For instance; Sound Blaster is the only sound card that supports EAX (4 speaker surround) If I want Surround sound I'm stuck with Sound Blaster cards- I just need a sound card that performs very well under XP- drivers that work great! and cause little slow down while in a game! thats what is most important to me!


Creative - (not)

I Creative drivers for the SB PCI128 … are Wank (British technical description).
No voice comms on Counter Strike = handicap.
Ridiculous XP activation limit means that if like me you want to upgrade your sound card, Video card & while you have Pandora’s box open slip in a network card you face the 3rd degree (without the bliss of mind bending truth drugs) from Hier Himell or one of Mr Gate’s Uber Soldats in the Microsoft Gestapo!
We where sold a dream & now live the nightmare anyone got any ideas on how I can sort out my sound card ?

N.B. I have already used up one of my activation strikes when installed a Firwirecard ( Christmas present ).
Systen spec :
1.3Ghz AMD Atholon
TNT2 M64
640Mb Ram
Bucket loads of HD
MS Intelimouse
Creative Sh1t Blaster PCI128 ( just in case you where confused about the SB ref)

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