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Sound Blaster Live 5.1 No Sound On Rear Speakers



hi. i am trying my sound blaster live! 5.1 sound card and i have an ATP4 altec lansing speakers ( 4 sats + 1 sub ). when checking it only the right and left front speakers sounds. only a humming sound from the rear ( you know that it's on ). i tried changing the setup and it tested " front right, front left, rear right and rear left" BUT the "rear left and rear right" sounded from the 2 front speakers and no sound came out from the rear speakers.
how can solve this?
thanks a lot.
DId you test it with the Creative test program (Creative Mixer)? Do you have 5.1 sound enabled in Windows XP (Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Advanced (button))? Are the speakers wired properly?


i did check the wires and are color coded and properly connected. i did check the setup at control panel and speakers are set to 5.1. i will try Creative mixer.
thanks and i'll post back.


sound mixer is also set to 5.1 speakers. still no sound from rear speakers and all sound are coming out from front speakers.
... it tested " front right, front left, rear right and rear left" BUT the "rear left and rear right" sounded from the 2 front speakers...
i'm confused! :(


i had checked the creative lab site and it checked the version of the driver and it said that i have the latest version.
What application, besides the creative mixer, did you use to test the speaker? Also, in the CM, did you check if 5.1 Speakers were selected (see attachment, it's in Dutch, but I added translations)
If you have four satellites and no center channel, your system is called "quadrophonic" by Windows. Try setting it to that.


i'll check the attachment and i'll also try the quadrophonic" by Windows.


yes. i have that setup on the mixer 5.1 speakers. i did the "quadrophonic" by Windows and tested it again. the result was it tested " front right, front left, rear right and rear left" BUT the "rear left and rear right" sounded from the 2 front speakers...
... :((
Did you also set it to 4.1 on the Creative Mixer?
You can also try, that's what I did when my 5.1 speakers did not work, the Creative Restore Defaults program. This should restore everything to the defaults (duh). It worked for me.


i only have options for 5.1, 4 and 2 speakers, headphones and livesurround? i guess i have to settle with sub and front 2 speakers but it's a lost for the 2 rear speakers.
thanks a lot for your advise.
good day.


Hey Percyv: I had that same problem with my Sound Blaster 5.1
card. It seems that the only drivers that worked for me were the original XP drivers. I have no idea why but everytime I updated the drivers my rear speakers would not work.
If you would like to try those drivers, let me know in a post and I'll try to get them to you.

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You should also look to see if the speaker driver built into the Sub's Amp is functioning... If it is a Sub with Amp built in the rear speaker driver could be blown.

I have a 5.1 card and it worked fine for a while and the the rear channel took a poop. I am using Cambridge Sound Works FPS2000 Digital Speaker setup and the rear channel died on me.

It may not be the sound card.
swap the rear & front connections (plug the rear speakers in the front socket etc.) This will tell you if it's the card or the speakers :)


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i had this with my card... the right speakers would not work while using the soundcard drivers... i removed them and let xp find the default drivers and then it worked fine.

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