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Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ Installation on Windows XP Pro



I recently tried to do a fresh install of windows XP Pro. The installation went fine until the point when i had to install my audigy drivers. Per creative's website instructions, i installed, "Drivers Only", the software and clicked yes to verify that i wanted to install Non-WHQL Certified Drivers. I rebooted, no sound. So i ran the update to the drivers from creatives site and it said I had no cards installed. I tried messing with sndvol32 and got a message "No active mixers installed". I checked device manager and the card was listed under "Sound, Video and Multimedia" as Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+, yet I had no sound. I tried doing an uninstall of the drivers, rebooted and tried installing again only this time to get a blue screen. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

System Info
1xAMD Athlon 1.0GHZ
1536MB PC133 SDRAM
1xWestern Digital 120GB 8MB Cache 7200 RPM Hard Drive
1xWestern Digital 100GB 2MB Cache 5400 RPM Hard Drive
1xSound Blaster Audigy MP3+
1xGeForce2 TI 64MB AGP Video Card
1x3Com 3C905C NIC Card
1xPromise Firewire Card
1xMicrosoft Natural Keyboard Elite
1xMicrosoft USB Explorer Trackball
1x19Inch Flat Panel Monitor
1xHauppauge WinTV PCI TV Tuner
k, first..try and keep your questions to one forum at a time :)

ok to start with the problem, are you installing the drivers straight from your new cd? And did the installer exit correctly and offer for you to reboot..or did you just reboot?

Creative has a history of shoddy installers and the one included with the audigy is no different...also when you go into device manager and dbl click on the audigy and go into it's property tabs is everything ok?

I might suggest doing a full uninstall of the drivers from device manager and going about it clean...just install the drivers and audioHQ...

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