Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer "Software/Hardware Setup"


28 Nov 2004
Okay if anyone out there has bought the new Sound Blaster Audigy and could share the best setup for hardware and software wise- tell me what you did and how you did it please.

I just bought this card and I'm going to get the Inspire 5.1 to see if its worth it. This is my second time installing the software/hardware and need info on this subject quick!

First time I installed: I installed all the software just to check it all out and it slowed my boot times over 75% which totally sucked!
So I instantly reformatted b/c for some reason I couldn't restore my computer to an earlier state.

I want the the best setup for hardware and software setup on installing this new sound card please anyone help!
Whats up with all the visits and no replies!
C'mon someone - I said Please!

I don't want to have to start over b/c I install the Sound Blaster Software which will bring my system to its knees!

Does anyone out there know of a good install combo?
I installed one and it worked fine, but that was under 2000. I then returned it after buying a new mobo. Sorry...All I can say is use the latest version of drivers from Creative.

When you do the setup, just choose to install the drivers and AudioHQ

Everything else is bloat and you need nothing more then those 2 programs to use the card, don't install any of the demos or all that crap

once the setup is finished goto your run box
type in msconfig..goto startup tab and choose not to startup ADGJdet, it is a waste of time and slows boot by a few seconds, hope that helps :)
Okay when I disabled ADGJDET everytime Windows starts up; msconfig pops up and says it's under selective startup. I chose not to show the warning and now I'm back to just letting it load up. What I'd like to do is disable the Creative stuff like *sounds that play right after the Windows login chime. I don't see how to disable this. I've even put the sound scheme back to windows default and that didn't work either. So if anyone out there knows anything let me know :)
just select the option for msconfig to stop it's bitching and keep your settings (sorry not sure of the real name) MS has it warn you about changing stuff, just set it so adgj is disabled and when that thing pops up next time just make sure don't show warning again is set to on, but that adgj is still disabled
ADJGDET - I didn't know what it was so I left it on-

What does it do...

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