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8 Aug 2002
Ok, not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes anyway.

I have a movie saved onto my laptop, but the sound for the movie is really really low. and i mean to the point that if WMP's volume is all the way up, and my laptop's volume is all the way up, it's still nowhere near what can be considered "loud". is there a program that i can use to adjust this?
Not to sound silly or anything, but are the all sliders turned up on the Volume Control icon in the quick launch tool bar? Are the speakers turned on? Or if you have a fade control, make sure it is set to the front. If that doesn't help, set it to the rear.

Need more info.
Bit of a naff solution but try using winamp as there is an "amp" built into its equaliser
well, the volume controls on the side of my laptop control the sliders in the sound options, and the slider in WMP is all the way up. don't really like Winamp all that much. it also wouldn't have to do with the way the speakers themselves are set up. everything else is very loud, just not the movie.
movies are mixed alot lower than music normally
music is usually mixed around 96-101 dB

Dolby digital standard I believe is 83 dB
Your gonna have the resync the audio at correct levels...if you want more info about doing me.

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