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Sophos 5.x

Electronic Punk

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Any feedback on this? We have to wait for our source to the net to upgrade before we can push it out across the enterprise, but from what I have seen it looks a lot slicker... moving away from that nasty Windows95 kinda interface, now looks more like a kind of MMC snap in.

Cheers to Mick for getting the screenie :D - Kinda reminds me of Giant/MS anti-spyware.


Now Symantec need to catch up, again.



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Alright. I've been trying to figure this out. Do you need an EM Library key to auto-update?

[Only on my home PC]

Definately looks slicker - more XP look and feel and defiantely seems to do a full system scan quicker on my home PC.

You are meant to be able to set it to automatically download updates from the Sophos server but I can't get it to work. I can't seem to get it to recognise the latest ide files either.
When this come out?
We have enterprise but we aint got it yet.
We have the new management console as well.
I use it at home and get updates from my work via there remote update tool EP :D
I have just started using this at home. Very slick as you guys say. For you who are having trouble updating you do need the EM user/pass. Not rolled it out at work yet though

Electronic Punk

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Just as well Freakzilla, check this out:
(the following services are part of Sophos 5.0.2
SavService.exe, ManagementAgentNT.exe, AutoUpdateAgentNT.exe, RouterNT.exe, SAVAdminService.exe, ALsvc.exe, ALMon.exe and all appear in services.msc)

Is the memory footprint quite stupid or is just me?


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