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Sony's E3 Press Conference


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Watch Sony's Live E3 Press Confrence today @ 4pm Pacific Time (7pm EST)
over at gamespot. from the looks of it its free.


Hopefully we have a chance to finally see the Production model of the PS3,,& possibily a new controller.:smoker:


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Just finished watching the confrence


2 million at launch

PS3 ships in Japan on November 11, 2006

PS3 with 20 Gig HD for 59,800 yen

with 60 gGig HD Open price for Retailers (Japan)

2 Million Units Ready at launch

North America:

November 17, 2006

PS3 with 20 Gig HD for $499 u.s. dollars

with 60 Gig HD for $599 u.s dollars

2 million units at launch

Europe & Asia & Australia

499 euros 20 Gig HD

599 euros 60 Gig HD

Total worldwide units ready for retail at lunch date til fiscal year 2007


The PS3 Controller will remain the same style as the Dual Shock. "the boomerang controler was scraped YES! with added 4D sensor control similar to the Nintendo Wii in which you can move the controller which move your (plane ,car in game Character) along with bluetooth wireless.

I included a pic

update Official Pic

Another update:

Not mentioned by Sony during the Conference, I have stubled across some interesting news via digg. it seems that the $399 (20gig) version will not have the following hardware on the unit. The source is off Sony's PS3 Spec sheet

- Memory Stick
- Wireless.



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tdinc said:
The PS3 Controller will remain the same style as the Dual Shock. "the boomerang controler was scraped YES! with added 4D sensor control similar to the Nintendo Wii in which you can move the controller which move your (plane ,car in game Character) along with bluetooth wireless.

I included a pic
Gotta hand it to Nintendo for at least forcing its competitors to innovate along with it.


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Yes. I agree...

The best part GM..was a new clip for MGS4...It totaly pwn3d the show... *drool*


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kcnychief said:
Extra 100 bucks for another 40GB?

If the game is on a disc, who needs a drive that big anyways?
Im sure since Sony intends to market it as a Complete multimedia system besides being a gaming machine..I'm sure the HD's will be used for DVR capibilties

Linux installed on the HD has something to do with that....:smoker:


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The price is a major setback for the console. Despite being cheaper than expected. It's 100$ more than the premium XBOX360 package.
I wonder how sales are going to be for the PS3...


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if Sony made that motion sensing bit as a last ditch effort for the PS3 to seem to be better than the 360 or Revolution/Wii..... the price will sure change everyone's mind. like i said in the comments for the news post..... just pray that it's not motion sensing like the Gyration PC mice. ugh...... they'd really have dug themselves a hole with that one if that's the case.


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Sorry but that price is ****ing ludicrous, its as most and more than some PC's.

Its just a console for fck sake, i for one will not be buying one until the price drastically reduces, irrigardless of whether or not i can afford one.

And i'll tell you another thing, most parents wont buy one either, i just think sony fck themselves up the ass with this price.

From a parents prospective it'll be:

1) Wii
2) 360
6) PS3

I am actually amazed at their greed, its quite astounding and it shows serious lake of judgement, in Japan that price isn't all that as the economy and their currency is so much stronger... but elsewhere its just a joke. in dollar value this is what it will cost across the world for the 20gb unit:

Japan: $536
N. America: $499
Europe: $633

So america is paying the least and europe is paying a whopping $134 more for the same damn unit, it is always the same and i think its a total euro-rape.


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The price is a bit steep. many will complain, but this was expected... I really don't think it will detour many who want one. (including myself) Thats the reason people work to save $$ and purchase what they want.


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lancer said:
but this is just a console, it is double what the ps2 sold for.
Well the PS2 initially was very sucessful because standalone DVD players were about the same price as Blu-ray players are now.

Sony basically depends on Blu-ray to take off for the PS3 to be a success.


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the only reason Blu-Ray players are that high in price right now is because they're not mainstream. once more videos and stuff start coming out for Blu-Ray players, and the units start hitting the retail market hard, the price will more than likely drop pretty quick.

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