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Sony VAIO® VGN-SZ430N/B 13.3" Widescreen Notebook PC


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Ok, my friend she just got his laptop from circuitcity, she broke her other one same thing but had xp on it. SHe loved that machine, worked great for her. This new one works just as good, but has vista on it instead of xp. Her problem with the laptop is that anytime she run from her room upstairs to downstarts the thing will freeze up. The new one has some G-shock sensor thing build in, i think this might be causing her problems. Is there anyway to disable this g-shock thing on the laptop. Not really familer with vista yet so if you guys can help out ... thanks a million. Or is a way to change the settings on the gshock protection. thanks



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Hi Technokid
I have a Sony vaio laptop VGN-SZ430n too, running Vista, and experience several blue screen crashes per day. The messages I get after rebooting indicate that the problem is a video driver. Digging more into the issue, it seems that NVidia did not finish the Vista drivers for the GeForce Go 7400 in time for the Vista "release to manufacturing", or Vista RTM. NVidia is working on the issue, but have not yet released a driver upgrade for this laptop's video circuitry.

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