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ok, i have a question. been a while since i actually asked one, but here goes. i have the computer listed above, and i jus bought an Asus 52x24x52 CD-RW drive from a local computer show. i come home, and notice that there are stupid little panels built into the case where the button is to eject the drive, but it does not look like that panel can be removed without physically damaging the case (i.e. cutting it out). Does anyone possibly have a sony vaio and found a way to remove this stupid panel?:huh:

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Then you're screwed. Unless you can remove the planels, or get the drive to conform somehow, you're screwed.

A lot of brandname companies do this, Sony, Dell, etc


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well, since i had nothing else to do (and since santa was nice and got me a new Sony Mavica digi camera), i posted a pic of it. did it while computer was still on to save time:D


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well, i already e-mailed sony, still no reply.
about the hammer, that may do a bit more removal than i want. was thinkin of a little saw, like a drywall saw or something, but my mom don't like the idea. I hate Sony so much. well, at least their computers anyway
I have one.What you do is to have a look from the inside and those panels are actually 'injection moulded' but what I did to mine was just to cut off the side with a tiny hacksaw blade.But be very care if you are taking the front panel off because you could easily break the tab attaching the plastic front panel and the iron part.Once it is hacksawed., sand it a bit and you can fix in the new drive.Good luck but ask your mum first !

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