Sony Vaio PCV-RX450 freezes up


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13 Nov 2007
I have acquired a Sony Vaio PCV-RX450 that will not install ANY OS correctly. It will boot via CD, but only get about halfway through the install process before the CD spins down and the progress bar/current file copy status (the bar at the bottom. e.g. "Copying: dvdplay.exe"). I am installing Microsoft Windows XP Home, but I have tried XP Pro and Win2k as well. Does my BIOS need upgrading? I haven't tried switching out CD drives yet, but I am in the process of doing so. I have also tried installing the OS in another PC that will install, but all the Viao will give me is a blank screen. Any extra info you need, I will gladly give you.
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Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

Hmmm. Good point. The computer was old enough it had ME in it. Maybe thatz why. Okay, I have the link open right now. I see all that. but I dont see how to put the drivers onto the cd.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

It probably won't tell you how to slip stream. I"m not sure how you would do that with a sony. But I do think that it is the drivers that are causing it to not install properly. So, in general. you may not be able to put xp on it.

Let me do some research here on it. Also, do a google search, you should find some info on it from there.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

Okay. I went a little deeper into Sony, and found the proper driver software. But it is for when the OS is fully installed. Also, when I click on the link, it brings me to an online license agreement. I will click on it, but it will bring me to this page:
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

Ya Know what?!?! I got it to work. I took the HDD out of the PC and put it back in. WORKED!!! Thankyousofreakinmuchohmygod! I got the thing from a local PC store for free. He said it didnt work. But guess what! I got a Compaq Server from him about 6 months ago and booted it up. It worked! it was free too. Now I have a Vaio and a server. $3000 worth of computers and they were both free! I am osm.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

Piece of 5h1t. It got up to the install sequence past the BIOS, but it gave me an error. It said to try another disc. That is what I am doing now.
Sony Vaio boot problem

I have a Sony Vaio that I recently acquired at a local PC store. Anyway, I had some problems isntalling Xp on it, but I fixed it here:
Anyway, now I have a new problem. It is not really new, but it existed. It didnt hurt the PC performance, but now it is a nusance. It says this at the bottom of the screen:

Hardware Monitor found an error. Enter Power Setup for details.

Press F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup.

Any help?
Sony Vaio jams during heavy processor use

I have a Sony Vaio PCV-RX450 and it will jam suddenly while under heavy processor use. The screen will freeze, and the HDD light will stop flashing. AMD Athlon. I have to hard-off it to get it to run right.
Re: Sony Vaio jams during heavy processor use

How many threads do you have to make for this? it would be a lot easier if you just group them together. Could a mod please merge this with the others ?

As for your issue. It sounds like you do not have enough memory in it. Check the resources and look at what is spiking and at what time.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

threads merged, Please keep one thread regarding your desktop issues. Thanks
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

sorry, guyz. okay. I put in 2 128mb mem cards, but the PC is not recognozing them. I read an article saying that Vaios will only upgrade to certain cards.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

I've upgraded one of those. I wonder if the hard drive is going? Also, I believe that you're limited to 256mb stick of memory. I had no problem putting generic memory in any VAIO I've upgraded (except good ol RAMBUS). The motherboard is really a standard asus board so there should be no problems there.
Re: Sony VAIO won't install OS via CD

Would a mod please change the subject of this to "Sony Vaio freezes up" please?

Okay, I got the PC to recognize the RAM cards, but it will still freeze up under heavy CPU use. I used the "Performance" tab in the task manager window (the OS is XP Home), and, come to find out, the process meter skyrockets then goes to about 53%. That is when it freezes up. The only thing I can do is hold the power button and wait for it to "hard-kill." Oddly, I put in two 128s and the computer only recognizes 220mb of RAM. I thought it adds the mobo AND the cards memory together. I had a thought: Is is possible to use a HDD as HUGE RAM drive? I have heard people talk about something like this, but I haven't investigated too deeply.
1) The only memory you have are the sticks that are in the memory slots. There is no memory "onboard."
2) The reason you only see 220mb of ram is because the graphics are built into the motherboard and they share the system memory.
3) Read up on "pagefile" or virtual memory.

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