Sony Trinitron Multiscan E400 Xp Drivers?


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14 Jul 2002
Does anyone know where I can get xp drivers for this monitor? At the moment I'm using the windows default ones and All I can get at a res of 1600x1200 is 70hz. The monitor is supposed to go up to 75hz at that rez. I've also tried the plug and play drivers for it with the same results.

Right I've found one but I don't understand the file type. The file name is SONYMINF. I've no idea what to do with it.
It should be Sonyminf.exe

Just add the .exe to the end of it and click on it. It should install. :)
Actually I think your computer is hiding the extension (that is if you have "hide extensions for known file types" in the Folder Options under the "View" tab checked), so don't add anything to it. Just click on it to install.

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