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sony stick will not read


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i have a sony camera which read the photos through pictures it now does not i also have a usb reader/writer but cannot find the driver disc can any one help
I'm guessing you are talking about a Sony MMC card - does your camera recognize it at all - if it does.. then you can format it through the camera - (majority of camera's have this option)

However, your reader/writer drivers - would need to look on the manufacturers website to see if they have them - or post up the model name/number and I'll have a look for yah.



When you plug the camera to your USB port and switch it on, there should appear a new drive in MyComputer, labelled Sony Memory Stick. That's the way it works for me. If you have autorun enabled additionally an autoplay handler comes up asking you what you want to do - open the folder, or display the pictures or whatever. There are usually no extra drivers needed for XP.


OSNN Senior Addict
thanks yo yo / da boss it does that when i connect the camera but if i take the memory stick out it plgs straight into the memork stick reader saving my batteries that after a format needs drivers and i cannot find my disc hence previous post

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