Sony in-dash unit rips CDs on the fly


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1 Mar 2004
This is kind of off topic but I've been dealing with Sony for years in the consumer end and the professional... Where to start, I guess I'll start with a complement they make really good stuff, costs more but is usually worth it... Now for the down side... There proprietary in every sense of the word... Some of you guys will remember Beta... yeah that thing that played for about 6 months before everyone said screw it... JVC had the better idea make something (VHS) and share it unlike Sony (Beta) and charge like hell for the format... Which if you do the math is almost twice the quality especially (Beta SP) they still use it for news broadcasters... Anyway, I just wanted to give a proper Sony introduction... They innovate then cut off there nose to spite there face (MD) has been around since the early 90's but no one bought into the format because its so damn expensive they get the hint way to late and by then we consumers are pissed off... I like this head unit but right off the bat I see issues with it... First, and how can I say this nicely you won't be able to pull your music back of this thing... Once its there its not coming back off I can almost guarantee it has built in encryption and when that little drive becomes absolute your stuck with a drive you can't transfer over to a new one... Yes the removable are a pain but look at the bright side like these MP3 portables you can always unplug and connect to friends PC and download his stuff... not to mention something that expensive should removable... My two cents...


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12 Jan 2002
Just what we need...

Something ELSE to distract while driving !!


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