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Sony CD-RW CRX140E/CH2



Hello all.

Since I've installed XP Pro I've been having a rather annoying problem with my cd burner: Sony CD-RW CRX140E/CH2. I can burn DATA cd's just fine, using XP's built-in burning features, but, I can't burn any audio CDs for the life of me. The burning process always poops out after writing the first track. Using WMP it'll say that the rest of the tracks won't fit, but in the other 2 programs I've tried (Nero and CDRWin), it gives me the error, then say to turn off DMA, or Disconnect... Simple enough, but I can't find out where! I could have sworn it was under 'Properties' in the Device Manager, but all I have is 'General', 'Properties', 'Volumes', and 'Driver'. All 'Properties' has is 'CD Player Volume' and 'Digital CD Playback'. I have no clue what the problem is. I haven't been able to find any updated drivers, and Sony's support page has been of no help. I've tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling, but to no avail. Help! I've made way too many coasters trying to figure this out...


Ok, I have Primary and Secondary Channels, and Device 0 and 1 in each. All have 'DMA if available'. The other mode is P10... 1) How do I know which is my CD Burner? The 'Location" for it says 0 (0), so does that mean it's one of the Device 0 ones? I'd just start changing them, but I'm weary of making my HD malfunction by changing the transfer mode.
The "0," or the top one will be your "master" on that channel. I'm not sure what mode your burner is meant to operate under. Check out your manual and see what you can find.

If your system is prebuilt... my guess is your burner will be the master on the second channel. You should be able to verify it by watching the IDE devices listed at boot-up, or by going into your bios and seeing which is which.

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