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sony 16x dvd


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I bought a sony dvd rom about a year ago. I had problems with it from day one. I dont know why i didnt return it...it seemed to work fine with the silver backed dvds. which is all i had for the longest time...

Heres the problems i get:
when i try to rip a dvd, the speed goes around 1x, too slow, and eventually begins to cut out. the drive cant for some reason pick up the encryption keys needed to unlock it.... i have a friend with the exact same model, and he can get the keys....

watching a movie, out of the blue, the dvd rom light freezes, and the drive makes a wierd spining down noise. it then freezes up my system. i have to eject the disk and then my system unfreezes.

I thought maybe it was a firmware problem, maybe some kind of compatibility problem.... but i cant seem to find any firmware updates for it. its a Sony DU1621 or something like that...

anyone have any ideas why the thing becomes unresponsive... like i can watch a movie sometimes and its fine, other times it locks up 5 or more times during the length of the movie

thanks in advance

Double check your drive if its this one Sony DDU-1621 (16X/48X) then updated firmware is available here http://www.firmware.fr.st/ look under the dvdrom tab then scroll down to your sony drive.

Also have you checked your cables....Dma capability.....run drive on its own ide connector....cleaned the lens...checked the jumper...and finally lent it to your mate for him to test on his system?.


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i have been looking for a firmware site for quite some time.
thanks so much

my buddy bought the same sony as me, we have similar systems, he never gets the problems i do.

i try the firmware, he did buy his a few months after me, so chances are his firmware is newer...???

ok thanks again


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