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Someone stole my COA


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Ok, new to this, but I am ticked off and want to vent! Sold a laptop on eBay, what I just started to do, and the jerk took the Windows XP Professional sticker off the bottom and returned the laptop saying it was DOA. Sold the laptop with out a AC adapter as stated in the auction and told him where to get one, but since he dint want to get one said it was DOA sent it bak less the COA!!!!!! Anyone have some ideas what I can do, or has anyone had this happen to them or heard of it? :crosseyed:


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Shady eBay transaction, that's all there is to it. Did you already refund his money?

EDIT: Your only option would be to contact eBay/PayPal, but it would be your word against his and tough to prove.

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