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Somebody wants a drink...???



Just read in a swedish newspaper that the Police has caught a man, a rally car driver for smuggeling 250 000 litre of 96%-alcohol...or drinkable 650 000 litre of 40%-alcohol...from Norway to Sweden. He did 50 rounds between the two countries between March 2002 and May 2002.

It is estimated to be sold for up to €18 000 000.

Cheers to ya all!! :D


Yes we do....I am sad to say. We usually say: "Born free, taxed to death" here...:p
The tax is calculated on the amount of alcohol (%), and GST is also added, so there are two taxes..GST and alcohol tax.

As an example: Our very own "Absolut Vodka" costs 229 SEK.
186 SEK is tax & GST, that means that it is 81.3 % tax on the bottle, So without all the taxes ... it should have cost: 43 SEK.

It is much cheaper to buy so called "homebrewed" alchohol...very much illegal to make and sell..but cheaper...
Just to show:

Grant's Whiskey 700 ml € 30

J&B 700 ml € 31

Jack Daniel's 700 ml € 31

And it is ONLY a government run shop called "Systembolaget" That is allowed to sell here, no-one else. They have monopoly!

Go here: http://www.systembolaget.se/english/xindex.htm
and read for yourself.:confused:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Wow & I thought we were highly taxed.

Try this:
Over here we can buy very small bottles of essence. The sale of it is now resricted to those over the drinking age. This small bottle of essence could make a 750ml bottle of full strength booze, vodka, brandy, etc. That's why they finally woke up & restricted it. Anyway there is no alcohol tax on it because it is a food additive. (something used in cooking) I have not seen it for a while so who knows the government might have banned it altogether.


That is what government usually do when the citizens find something to do that actually let people have fun, and save money at the same time.....or they put high taxes on it and try to make as much money as possible.

Yes, we really do have high taxes..not THE highest..but enough.
Incometax is: 34% where I live. GST on ordinary goods is 25%, but on food it is: 12%, and on entertainment: 6%


...:happy: probably better than: Mars bars, potato chips and Beefeater's....seen that once :p


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it's a nice combination.......i tried it last night:happy: looks kinda funny with the malteasers floating in it but taste's good:cool: i didn't put a full pint of vodka in though:p more like 50/50


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heck I drive over the to the local air base where sales are tax free... a BIG bottle of jd's is around 10 dollars :)

of course johnny is still expensive when you buy blue label... that baby is up to over 100 bucks :(

smooth as hell though...

vodka is generally in the 10 dollar range for a big bottle (1.5 litre)

/me decides to set up a ring to sweden to become rich...


i only like to drink beer ..my wife usually keeps the hard licker stocked via freebies from customers ..mainly drank by friends when they come over :)

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