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Some tips for upgrading!


Must be dreaming...
I've decided to upgrade my PIII rig, but the problem is that I'm on a tight budget. I was thinking of buying a new CPU, mobo, and RAM. What's a good solution for me? So far this is what I was thinking:
1. AMD XP 2000+
2. Abit KD7 KT400 (for future upgrades)
3. 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM

What do y'all think? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks. :happy:


hardware monkey
yeah, an nforce2 board might be a better choice. especially if you get 2 sticks of memory for Dual-DDR... say 2x256mb of pc2700 for 512mb total. after all, 256mb isn't really enough for intensive games.

with that, i'd get an xp 2100+... it's the best deal right now. only about $10-15 more than the 2000+. and the 2200+ is a hefty $40 more. get the 2100+. then when the prices on the 333mhz processors (xp 2600 or higher) comes down, you can get one of them.


Must be dreaming...
Thx Cosmin, Nick M, and taurus for ya feedback ;). So you guys recommend an nforce2 board huh? What's the difference between nforce and other chipsets? And what brand of DDR should I get?

Thx again.


hardware monkey
nforce2 boards have Dual-DDR... which lets you double your memory bandwidth with 2 sticks (preferrably idental). so, say 2x256 of pc3200 will act like pc6400. :eek:

i would just get 2x256mb of low-latency pc2700 from mushkin, corsair, anyone that has a cas latency (CL) of 2.

as far as northbridges go, the IGP has integrated gf4mx graphics and the SPP doesn't. then the southbridge choices are the MCP or MCP-T, with the -T giving you onboard firewire, serial-ata (on some boards), and great 6-channel thx-certified, dolby digital sound.

i recently made a comparison chart of different nforce2 boards out there and will share it with you guys.
the performance with the nforce2 with 2x256 with OCZ's PC3500. best performance out there. then you can unlock that 2000+ and cranck it up to 166FSB. (did it with my 2400+).


Must be dreaming...
Originally posted by spikemic
:eek: eek abit
That's suppose to mean? (just curious...)

And thanks to everyone for their suggestions, and thanks taurus for the spreadsheet document. It was very helpful. Thanks for your trouble. ;)
i, personally, do not like and will never buy another abit. i started with them building computers and at this point everyone has died......
all i use now is intel, may not have all the toys but very reliable, have used so 50+ over last couple years and everyone is still going. servers and workstations:happy:


Must be dreaming...
That's understandable... I sometimes get picky myself, but since I'm on an extremely tight budget, I have to push that need aside... ahwellz... :blink:


i dont rate abit either

i recommend an asus or an epox.

some ppl like msi mobos... never used them myself

intels are the best ime... although as you're after an amd system, i would go with the epox with nforce2 like everyone else recommends :)


hardware monkey
i'm using a 2½-year old Abit KT7-RAID right now. it's been messed with, tweaked, pushed, and pushed farther... and always been solid and steady. for when i bought it, i couldn't have gotten anything better. friend has a KR7A-RAID... and it's a performer as well.

just standing up for abit! ;)

*saving up for Abit NF7-S*


Must be dreaming...
What about Leadtek? Anyone had any experiences with their mobos?

And so far... I'm leaning towards Asus and Epox. :)

Thanks again.

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