Some more 27.10 secrets


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6 Dec 2001
Got this from Neowin

Seems there are a few more hidden features in the 27.10 drivers, such as the ability to turn your screen upside down heh, just add this key to your reg

note:I am a moron I changed the name from .reg to .zip to let me upload it, just rename the file and it'll be fine :)
rofl. what's the point of turning the screen upside down?
to make your spouse or parents think you've been "hacked"? rofl :p
Why Upside down??

Ever used a projector system or an LCD for an overhead? Somewtimes the ability to turn them upside is needed in the business world.

This gives nvidia based video the capabilities, which in turn makes them business friendly. That means selling into companies that buy many machines.

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