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Some Gigabytes have disappeared!



Hey guys

my 40GB hard drive is partitioned to 2 partitions: 19 and 17 GBs (approx.).

But, on my D:\ partition (where xp is installed) it shows me that the drive's size is around 17.7 GBs, and there are 3.47 GB of free space.

Now, I want to clean up some non used things, and I found that the total size of the used space is 10.something GBs, and the free space is 3.47
(showing hidden folders is enabled so there arent any large-sized hidden stuff)

So - I dont know where those 4 GBs have gone ????

Help me with finding them ! :huh: :eek: :cool: :p :happy:


OSNN Gamer

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. . . . . . . . .
I took 'em, sheee... Nyah...and there's nutin you can do about it, sheee? Nya...nya...

Have you repartitioned since your last install? There may be some unallocated space on the drive. 'Course, 4GB is a big oops if that's the case. There's another thread on here, from March I think, with a very similar problem. I forgot what the solution was though. :happy:

Either way, don't fret. I lost a network drive today and still have no clue what the flock happened. Try explaining that to your boss...:confused:
System restore, Recycled bin, many small files instead of a few large. The last one is pretty probable. The size difference can be massive as another post in the forum a while ago showed. :)

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