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I need a good solution for sharing about 7 network printers. I'm looking for something IP-based that doesn't require the printer to be routed through a computer. I'm mainly interested in wired, not wireless, solutions since the network is already in place. Thanks!


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Well, get some print servers then? USB/LPT at one end, RJ45 on the other. ;) They come in a variaty of number of ports and features. I don't have any to recommend straight away, but there are tons of them out there. Some require extra drives, but mostly you just need to create TCP/IP printing ports (which Windows can off the shelf).


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While I would agree with you if they all were USB printers, many printers, and Im assuming he will have some older ones, which is why he mentioned IP Based solution would have a NIC. I would suggest daisy chaining a switch of your router. I am assuming alot here, you made no mention of running DHCP which I have to assume you already have in-place or why else would yu be asking for an IP based solution right?

The other alternative, if they are all newer printers is like Zedric said, using a USB hub, and attaching it to a PC (if its USB/USB) or to the switch (if its USB/RJ-45). Now this doesnt work obviously, if you dont keep your PC on (USB to USB option). If you do have all USB printers then this would be the most logical solution.

May I ask why you have 7 printers?



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This is in a business and the existing setup hasn't been totally reliable. Thanks for the info and links, I'll look into the suggestions. :)


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Zedric said:
Err... mlakrid, I said USB or LPT (i.e. parallel port). Different print servers may even take both. Also if the printers allready ha an RJ45 port, there wouldn't be a problem as it would allready be networked. ;)
OOPS, misread, Hehe Yea that works too but not for seven printers...

Oh Brother.... Man I guess I didnt have enough coffee... LOL

Ok those LPT to RJ-45s would work for him, if they are localized then he could simply attach them to a small swtich...

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