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I have a live music DVD that I would like to make into an audio cd and was wondering what the best way would be. I have used Adobe Premiere before to rip audio from short AVI files, but I've never ripped audio from a DVD. I thought there might be a better solution, and that someone with experience in this could offer some suggestions.


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Glaanieboy said:
No need to. <-- This piece of software can rip the audio tracks directly. It costs $29 though, but it's worth every cent.
Looks like it just uses your soundcard to tap into the audio instead of taking it from the DVD directly. I'm gonna give it a try, but I bet simply using any kind of WAV editing software where you can select the source to record from will work just as good.


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I would much rather rip the audio straight from the DVD (source) instead of having to rip the entire A/V file to the hardisk first. That would take much more time and space.


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Rip the DVD to your computer using SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter.

Then use BeSweet and BeSweet Frontend to strip the audio. It can even encode to mp3 on the fly. I recommend using the 2 Channel LPCM stream if there is one. If not it can mix the ac3 stream to 2 channel.

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