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software to monitor temps on pc..



i know this is the wrong stop to post this but oh well. i need a program that i can use to monitor the temps on my pc, i have sisoftware sandra but i think its messed up. cuz no matter if my pc is in a air conditioned room or in a hell hole heated room its still at the same temp now. so i was wondering if anyone knows any other programs, that are easy to use. post what you know. thanks alot.


i tried them both. i couldnt get any of them to display the temperatures properly


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Originally posted by Lonman
Make sure you have MBM configured correctly before you fire up Coolmon or it won't display temps and fan speeds.
Ahhh good point Lonman. That's what I forgot to do when I first installed MBM :rolleyes:
Launch MBM, right click on the tray icon> settings> Temperatures> Sensor 1 select a corrosponding sensor listed just below it> Sensor 2 select the next sensor> Sensor 3, etc. The fans work in similar fashion. After you get them reading correctly you can use Coolmon... MBM doesn't have to be running, just configured correctly.
I guess if you can find the bung hole on your box you can do it the old fashioned way. Be polite though and use a dab of vasoline.

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