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software overclocking?



Do they make a software overclocking tool for new boards such as mine... if so what are they
You can usually check the manufacuter's site for software. In your case www.asus.com.tw

You might get more replies when you put this in the correct forum, in this case the Overclocking section. Perhaps a mod (is) will(ing to) move this thread.
I've searched the Asus site for you and this is what I found:
Found at http://www.asus.com.tw/mb/socketa/a7n266/overview.htm
Extreme Overclocking
ASUS offers robust overclocking options to maximize your system performance.
* Easy DIP Switch or Jumperfreeâ„¢ overclocking from BIOS
* Adjustable VIO memory voltage
* Adjustable FSB/PCI/MEM ratio
* Rock-solid stability
In haven't found anything about another software program.
Just don't wait for my answer, I don't have one.
I can give you a tip: Just wait and reply to your own message once in a while, so that it'll get in top of the list and @ the last 5 posts @ the frontpage.

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