software idea websites? (wishful thinking)


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3 Dec 2002
i was thinking about this earlier, and i couldnt find anything like it on the net. so now it put it out to you all.

(Q) is there a website out there that is a data base for software ideas? not trying to get into detail, but anything like this exist to your knowlege? :confused:
Do you mean existing idea's in development? or already existing software?... not quite sure what you mean...
software development ideas. Like people could goto the site and search through ideas, and if they like one, vote for it, or if they program they could 'select mission' meaning they plan on working on it... they could post update notes like "making progress" or "finished" "in beta stage" "in alpha stage" ect.
Closest thing I could think of would be sourceforge, but that's more hosting for source/apps/site

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