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software for appointments in an office?


hi... im looking for some software for my friends business (horse riding school)

originally i thought maybe outlook 2003 could do it.. but seems i need something a bit more dedicated too the task of taking multiple appointments for each teacher.. and for the database too be shared among networked machines (so they can take or check bookings at any terminal round the school)

any ideas?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Lotus Notes has this function built in.
My former enterprise used it, a warning appears when needed. Centralized, members can check others schedule (in, out, vacation,...).
I didn't use this function myself much, though... (my job didn't require it...)


yeh u can pretty much do that with office 2003 (outlook)

is a bit of a pain too use tho..

must be some dedicated simple software out there for this?

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