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SOF II issue....

ok i have a problem with SOF II..... everytime i enable "VERY HIGH" texture quality the game sound/video stutters every 5 or so seconds, now, when i changed the texture to HIGH and the game runs 110% perfect, i wanna know why?? i use to run the game on my old GF2 MX 400 64mb + 512mb pc2100 ram no problem, now i am using a G4 TI 4200 128mb + 1 stick of 256 pc2700 memory.... does anyone think its possible that my ram is too low for this setting to be on VERY HIGH?? maybe its required to have 512 ram for this setting,...... anyways all other settings are on the highest possible setting....... thx in advance



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dunno mate... memory you have should be enough...

your sig reads 512 btw..

anyhoo play it at very high and turn down a few features (textures blah blah blah) coz these things do glitch the game...


more memory should help no doubt...
waiting for my stick of ram.....

ya, i am waiting for my stick of 256 KINGSTON PC2700 to come in so i just changed my sig so i wouldnt have to do it later, hehe, so temporarily i only have 256mb...... but that should be plenty.... anyways, its wierd cause MOHAA was doing it too but i replaced my soundblaster drivers to the ones on WINDOWS UPDATE and it stoppped, but SOF still does it :mad: , its gotta be some other thing..... my crappy g2 mx 400 handled it no problem..... maybe its some the shitty creative drivers..... i am starting to hate creative..... great once you get the sound going but stupid crap drivers and static, stuttering...... i need a better sound card with less headaches.....



It's because of your RAM. This engine needs lots of RAM on the higher resolutions & graphical options than before. It's the same with RTCW and JK2 (both use the same core engine although slightly modified to meet the currect standards).

You must use at least 512 MB's to turn everything up. Also note that this game is developed with future hardware in mind. Not one of the cards currently on the market can run this game in it's full glory with all the options set to the max!!!!


Also, note that your Geforce isn't top-notch (no offence, I'm also very interested in the same card you're using). The clock-speeds are lower than the lighter 64 MB's version and it is nowhere near it's bigger brothers. Graphic splendor in games is hell, always has and always will be. Just when you thought you picked up the best graphic-card for your games it's already out of date.

Personally I would pick framerates instead of graphics anyday.

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