SOF 2 crash info



I have been playing SOF2 for a week now, and while it is a very good game, it has been crashing on me regularly....

Heres the latest one, it froze my comp and gave me a BSOD:


STOP : 0x0000000A (0x805CC920 , 0x00000002 , 0x00000001 , 0x804F636E)

so........ wtf is up with that? other times, the game has just quit to my desktop...

im running the 30.30 beta nvidia drivers on a g2. i installed the newest VIA service pack, and reinstalled the drivers. i shutdown norton antivirus whenever I play games.

plz help, thanks


i turn off norton everysingle time I install anything

and heres a new crash, this time when i tried to start the game:

STOP: 0x00000008E ( 0xC000001D, 0xF717DFE6, 0xF78A2E8C, 0x00000000

USBPORT.SYS - address F717DFE6 base at F7174000, datestamp 3B7D868B
I got same error

damn, i got the same error, with BSOD and everything, i installed it too with NORTON antivirus 2k2 enabled..... its only happened once, i hope it doesnt happen again


da rock

have you installed the patch they put out? for some reason this game has caused a lot of probs w/ all kinds of setups, it seems the game defaults to the highest settings it thinks your pc can handle. if the patch doesn't help try lowering the settings and see if that makes a diff. good luck!


the settings have absolutely no effect on the game crashing or not

this is a software conflict issue, as clearly demonstrated by the 2 errors I posted

and no, my cpu isnt o/c'ed

anyways, I have all my graphics settings to VERY modest values, my machine is running the game very smootly

Ive since reinstalled my sound card/ vid card/ mobo drivers, and installed the game again.

Im thinking all this crashing is the result of a bad installation or something...


I recommend you run DXdiag and post the test results here so we can have a look..

start > run > dxdiag > save results to text file > copy and paste here


will do,

I'm back home for now, so I'll be back monday with the results.

Would posting my Event Viewer help for this sort of problem?


Ive attached the text file from my dxdiag results,

with my re-installing the game again, I havent had any problems so far... although I havent been playing a great length of time.

will post more info if anything else occurs


It crashed again, right on the load up screen....

STOP : 0x0000008E ( 0xC000001D , 0xF717DFE6 , 0xF78A2E8C , 0x00000000 )

USBPORT.SYS - address F717DFE6 base at F7174000, datestamp 3b7d8686

Now, this happened after I was using my comp for some pretty intense work, such as using an ftp prog, transfering large files over the network, using outlook express, several IE's, etc ... not all at the same time however. I shut all these programs down, and disabled norton, then played the game. It crashed :(

However, after a fresh reboot, the game runs smoothly for a very long time.

Does this help?


I see you have to graphics systems going.. have you disabled the ATI Mach64? If you can't do it in BIOS you can tell Windows to "disable this device in all hardware profiles"...

also, you update your sound drivers:

You seem to missing a file as well:

DirectPlay Lobbyable Apps
Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast (DX7) - Registry: OK, ExeFile: jk2mp.exe (<File Missing>)


Overall the system looks okay.. make sure you have the ATI chipset disabled or that will defintely cause conflicts...


ya, jedi knight 2 has since been uninstalled. Not sure if the uninstallation program failed or what, but if it did, I would have uninstalled it through norton system works 2002.

I will try to update my sound card drivers and see if that helps.

Whenever I play the games, I usually right click on the desktop, navigate to settings, then uncheck the "extend my windows desktop to this monitor" box. Are you saying that this isn't good enough, and to disable it from Device Manager? I am using dual monitors, could this be one reason why I'm crashing so much?

The second vid card is an old ATI mach 64.... its a PCI card, and the only reason Im using this as a second vid card is b/c 1) XP had drivers for it, and 2) Working on the desktop and other applications produces no problems.

I've since changed my vid drivers on my geforce 2 TI to the latest reference set. It crashed agian, this time giving me a new error (which I wrote down, but left at home) The game also did'nt seem to be running as well as before, so IM back to the beta 30.30 drivers.

Thanks for the help robbie


yeah, in this case since you're using a second video card (ATI PCI) this could be the cause of your problem.. at this point the thing to do is find out if the second card is in fact causing the problem.. you could physically remove the card and remove the drivers, in particular the registry info left over.. if the problem continues we'll need to look at something else as the cause of your problem..


will do.

for now I'll try disabling the device in device manager, and see how that works.

If it continues, I'll try physically removing the card.

Btw, any recommendations for a PCI vid card that won't cause problems like the one I have?


tough to say.. PCI cards are generally not available as new items.. you can check with a used computer parts store.. honestly it's tough to say which card in particular would be better than another in terms of compatibility and stability.. if you can get a card and if they allow a return in 30 days or less you could give it a try.. I know the older ATI cards drivers are troublesome under XP.. sometimes you need to try out different drivers to find a set taht works properly for you..

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