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SocksCap V2 HOW???




I need someone to tell me what to do exactly to configure this proggy.

I have problems with several apps because i have HTTP proxy and lots of programs fails to use it (for example IRC,ICQ,WinCMD FTP and ....) I heard that someone uses this program and he have everythings work fine.

I downloaded this proggy but i cant configure it. Maybe im too lame or somethnig, but icant find out how to use it.

So if anyone can help me please let me know.....

thanks... mOgy3E:confused: :confused:


I'm in a college and I HAVE TO use it because i haven't got direct connection. My PC is a part of a LAN.
Crappy networking...
Aw well. Sorry I can't help you, I only know I had to configure all programs to use a proxy when I used proxy (hate them!). If this app is a way around it would be great.

One other idea could be to set up a small server as a router. It could route all traffic from you computer normally, but then send it through the proxy, making it all work. Just an idea.


The problem is not really with proxys, socks proxys are great, but this is a ****in HTTP proxy. Most of the progs are just haven't got the options to configure a HTTP proxy.

Please, tell me more about this router thingie. how can i set u a small server, im dunno how to start. :(
Well the basic ideas is like this:
The router (server) will act as a NAT router and pick up any traffic you send to it (no messing with proxies). Then it just sends all the traffic through the proxy. This way you only have to configure the router for proxying.

The server could be running Win98SE and up or some kind of Linux. I think this could work anyway. No guaranties! :)

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