Socket 939 Mobo Decision...


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Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of getting the Asus A8V Deluxe socket 939 Motherboard for Athlon 64. Is this a good motherboard? if not what would anyone reccommend thanks!!!


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I was thinking of going for that too, but i'm torn between the Asus and MSI's upcoming Neo 2 Platinum. I don't plan on using the additional wifi, so it'll just bump up the costs....but then again, some early reviews for the MSI board aren't too hot :confused:


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I would suggest waiting for the rev 2's of the current k8t800pro boards or going with the MSI nf3-250 board

for the others... yes sckt 939 is dual channel... only 2 types of processors @ the moment.. newcastle based a64's or fx processors...


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what was the trouble with its AGP/PCI lock?? alot of review sites state this, what does it mean exactly and is their any faults with the asus a8v deluxe motherboard?


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the nf3-250's and the k8t800pro chipsets are supposed to have locked agp/pci slots..

some of the board makers apparently have issues regarding this and have implemented floating locks which are a little looser than actual locks...

afaik the agp/pci locks do work with the asus board... on another site i frequent someone is using one in conjunction with his fx-53 and it works well... his only problem was incorrect temp read-out but a future bios release fixed that for him...

reason I suggested rev 2 (or whatever their revision convention is) was to allow for any tweaks to fix problems to be made...

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